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Re: Quran project maintainer

On 7/23/07, Mohammad DAMT <mdamt at gnome dot org> wrote:
Resent again from gmail, my Evolution behaves strangely :(

Pada hari Minggu, tanggal 22/07/2007 pukul 21:05 -0700, Ahmed Ghoneim
> any way here is the patch:

The patch looks nice, however, I think it's better to rewrite some parts
of the library from scratch, but probably still maintaining the current
API. So, I think it would be better if you could fix those issues in the
new version. I just got back from GUADEC

Ohh, dont say that, I was there most of the time, and didnt find one to chat to! (kinda lonely)
We could've met... well, it was written :(

next time inshallah,


and my family wants a vacations
so please hang on a bit :-)

> -#if defined(_WIN32) && defined (_MINGW)
> +#if defined(_WIN32)

Will this also work on MINGW environment?

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