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RE : 4. libquran configuration and compilation errors + patch RE: libquran concerns (nabil ben khalifa)

"A.Haq Abbad" <haqman at gmail dot com> a écrit :
Salam nabil

Thanks for what you've done, as I already looked at libquran, and I had the same issues!
and I solved what you solved (uhh)
The thing is, I didnt upload nothing, as I never had an account, but now i do :D.

I'm lost now, as after I fixed the lib, loads of things has changed,
and I don't think this is fair, as its like breaking what others did, or at least, I need their permission.

However, there is still problems in my side, and I'll be happy to see what you've done (if you can send it me) so I compare both,
then upload your code (as you have more programming experience than me :D), after asking for permission of course :)

what did you do about le_short()? I commented it out :), as I cant find out its purpose yet, its not documented!

Let me know bro,

Wassalam 3alaikum

I did not change anything in the libquran apart from the speex headers files location  and the addition of the le_short function as you can see in the patch I have included in my mail.
The le_short() function was included in the speex library but is no more included in the latest version, so as you can see in the patch I included in my message I added the le_short() function got from an earlier version of the speex library.

For the gnomequran there was a lot of changes, I will send in a next message a patch showing these changes.


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