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Re: Scheherazade font merged to Ubuntu

On Thursday 12 July 2007 02:26:39 Mohammad Derakhshani wrote:
> Salaam,
> I have debianized Scheherazade font downloaded from
> http://scripts.sil.org/ArabicFonts
> Now this font is merged to Ubuntu Gugsy:
> http://packages.ubuntu.com/gutsy/x11/ttf-scheherazade
> Scheherazade, named after the heroine of the classic Arabian Nights
> tale, is designed in a similar style to traditional typefaces such as
> Monotype Naskh, extended to cover the full Unicode Arabic repertoire.
> I thought you'd like to know about this debian package.
> Best,
> Mohammad

وعليكم السلام

Thank you very, I regret it is not freeer.