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Re: Tools?

I think you are right moayyad, i tried a lot to use IDE with c++ but it take me no time to return to gEdit, actually IDE is very nice to get reference and autocompeletion but this is good with language like Java but c++ even the great MS stuff Visual Studio may Fail in autcompoletion and cross reference if for example you use Smart pointers family when we do you coding as you overide the -> operator in such cases getting used to grep and find is the better choice by the way, but i think currently eclipse begin to do a good job for java, c/c++ and python though  i worked with python plugin before that crash evey 30 minutes :(, but this was a year a go it may be better now.

On 2/19/07, moayyad sadi <alsadi at gmail dot com> wrote:
A time to learn the Linux way of doing things
1. no one use IDEs, no one, they are here just to say that we have
better IDEs than windows, but we don't use them we use text editors
2. no need for any other language than C for real programs and real programmers
3. One may use perl and pyhton from time to time for Quick and dirty
rapid development (Python is not dirty, it's the opposite of that, but
this is what they call rapid development)
4. no need for any library just standard ISO C and IEEE POSIX (Unix)
for command line, but if you are going to handle something special
like compression take the best (eg. libbz2 zlib)
5. do not hesitate to use GNU extenions as GNU is ported everywhere,
and some times I use glib
6. for GUI you have GTK+/GNOME or QT/KDE
Me myself, I use Kate after enabling all programming plugins so I have
object/class browsers and syntax highlighting...etc

I don't use autotools as I use pkg-config and write a silly make file
when I need one
but usually I write a silly bash script to build the project

for GUI I like GTK+ sometimes in C like thwab and sometimes in python
like my qemugui

and I use perl oneliner for a quick solution for big problems
(to write on line of perl code to do something complex, eg. to add
ADs. to all my web pages and automatic generation of prev/next links
in www.cltb.net/en/toc.html)

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