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Re: How about a Calligraphy-based Font Designer program

I've no much experiance with pen tools, but I'd like to see such
application integrated with Raph Levien's spiro.
More on spiro:

On Dec 30, 2007 10:37 AM, moayyad sadi <alsadi at gmail dot com> wrote:
> I'm thinking of making a Calligraphy-based font designer
> in the program one select a pen (width, starting angle, angle
> tolerance, tip shape, ...etc)
> then click to put a point then click to put the end point then click
> to start another curve
> (and with shift it will joined to the last point)
> and if dragged or what ever this will change the two control point of
> the Besier curve
> and when you finish you export it to SVG and import it in font forge
> and that's all
> and the curve is like a stem that grows deppending on the pen shape to
> become an area
> unlike inkscape tool, it will be easier for those who use Mouse like all of us
> to draw a nice curve.
> Any ideas, before i start
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