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New project submission to arabeyes

Alsalmo alikom all

I would like tp start a new project at arabeyes , the project is a grammatical based Arabic syntax revisor and checker ( مدقق نحوى للغة العربيه) i have already designed an overall development algorithm and put down the structure of the program , i aleady suggested that python would be the programming language to implement it , so as to make it portable enough to be added as an extension ot a plugin to openoffice in the future 

I will need a help in the lingual part of the development , and kebdani already generously offered to help in the lingual part , i will start an indeep study to languagetool
http://www.languagetool.org/development/ ) so as to give a decision weather to develop under its platform , or to start a new engine as stated above in python

Mohamed Elsakhawy