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Re: Prayer Time calculation method for webbased application


On 11/28/06, Adnan Siddiqi <volatil3_ at hotmail dot com> wrote:
AoA All

my Name is ADnan and I am from Pakistan. Many of you might have seen my MSN
BASED QURAN system which I created by using Arabeyes' XML Quran data.
Thankyou Guys.

Now I am planning for a Athaan timing calculator software. I came across ITL library. I have not tried it right now. I wanted to know tat did someone has made php/java/python based libray based on ITL or something similar so that I can use for web related projects? I also dont have formulate to calculate the timings

I've made a java port of JITL. It's on sourceforge (http://sourceforge.net/projects/jitl/). I didn't release any package yet but the library is complete and works fine. You will need to get it through SVN and then use ant to build the jar/documentation.

I've also seen some php port, but I don't have the exact URL. There is
also a C# port. I'm not aware of any python base port.

Hope this helps.


Kindly guide me



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