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RE: New Project Proposal: The ArabicOpenCD

> 1- Upload the cd as BitTorrent shared-file:
> Bittorrent is becoming a standard for downloads . the reason is that
> http download speed decrease when demand on file (no. of download
> operations) increase ; while bittorrent download speed increase when
> demand increase . I recommend azureus as the best crossplatform
> bittorrent client .

Good idea. I'm not sure if it is feasible though and I have never setup
a similar thing. For the record, since the announcement about 50 people
downloaded it from my server, and probably the same number of more from
the primary server. (over a period of about 2.5 monthes. But definitely
worth checking out.

I'll see if I can talk to islamic torrents about this.

> 2- include some other programsin the cd
>  -bittorrent client as: bittorrent officialclient , azureus , utorrent
> (meu-torrent) 
> -Multimedia codecs : XviD (openDivX project) ,ogg vorbis codec
> -Wiki program : Moin moin ( the program used for dos of Theopencd.org

Multimedia codecs: vlc is really the know it all when it comes to video
reading. I'm not sure about the licensing of the codecs. Any

> 3- highlight on dependencies and plug ins for each program :
> dependencies of programs should be highlighted  as to make user
> install them first , under th description you may write dependencies
> and request their install ,here are some examples:
> -please instal  JRE or JDK (= JRE + compiler )  before installing
> Azureus  or eclipse ; openOffice.org also require jre but it is
> bundled with it in this installer.
> -please install GTK2+ before installing  GIMP;Gaim  also require gtk+
> butit is bundled with it ,gnumeric is bundled with gtk+/win32 diffrent
> than the official one
> -please Install  7-zip before extracting MediaPlayerClassic zipped
> with 7-zip .
> -please install python before installing blender
> -please install cygwin before installing texmacs or monodevlop
> ( advanced / experimental)

I tried to do that on a few instances. I agree that it needs extending.
Now that hava is OSS, we can even include it!

> also plugins notice for example as:
> -Abiword plugins:
>    abiword-plugins-tools-2.4.6.exe
>     abiword-plugins-impexp-2.4.6.exe
>    AbiWord_Dictionary_British.exe
>   AbiWord_Dictionary_American.exe
> -Audacity  plugins:
>   LADSPA_plugins-win-0.4.15.exe
>   lame-3.96.1.zip
>   vst-bridge-1.0.exe
>   Nyquist plugins:
>           buzz.zip
>           harmonicnoise.zip

A download small window will be introduced to allow the download of all
files with direct explanations of each.

> 4-use a wiki program for auto run:
> letting autorun script open an html page would highly increase
> customizability , as editing would be easier for guiding pages and no
> compiling will be needed . also using a wiki program as moin moin will
> make editing easier  and more contribution may be given   to project
> if this wiki is hosted on the website ;and included information about
> dependencies and plug ins may rapidly increase . 

You mean end users editing from the CD? keep in mind that a large number
of the targeted audience don't have Internet connections to begin with,
so their edits will be moot.

I agree however, that there should be a way to lure users into getting
involved somehow :) that's probably the strongest message of the CD.

+ wait for it: the CD contents are not rendered correctly in Internet
explorer. And I simply don't have enough time to support it.

> Mohammed EnNaqeeb

Mohammed, your input is very much appreciated. I'm accumulating these
ideas, and in time I will release a second release to address much of
these issues.