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A (too huge) Arabic word-list (with prefixes) for spell-checkers


I have converted Tim Buckwalter's database of Arabic - including all suffixes
and prefixes - to the Aspell format. This makes it possible to spell-check
Arabic in Aspell, Mozilla Thunderbird, and OpenOffice - if you can spare some
200Mb of RAM.

It is freely available under the GPL, on
	http://ivrix.org.il/projects/arabic .

You can read more about this project in
http://ivrix.org.il/projects/arabic/README-ar.txt . Since I don't know Arabic
myself, I cannot judge whether this list is good enough. In case it is, I'll be
happy to push it into various spellers (including Google's Gmail), as we already
did for Hebrew.

Salam 2aleikom wa-2aleina,

Dan Kenigsberg        http://www.cs.technion.ac.il/~danken        ICQ 162180901