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Re: namazTime 0.9

On Sun, 2006-06-25 at 01:01 +0300, Mohammed Sameer wrote:
> Are you planning to add autoconf/automake support ?
i just did this... i am sure i did this in a very painful and difficult
way, so i am going to share so maybe you can tell me what the easier way
is so that i don't suffer in the future :)

so i opened the glade files in glade, had it build the default files,
and proceeded to merge the code back.  the main issue with this was that
all my calls to glade_xml_get_widget (which took a reference to a
GladeXML* and the name of the widget to get) with lookup_widget.  since
lookup_widget requires a parent widget, this caused some issues... i
resolved these by:

1. making the main window global, and
2. the other windows (about, etc) i destroy on close and just remake
them since i figure they are fairly light weight.

> I have a question: Why don't you link against libitl instead of copying the code ?
good point... fixed that.

> I'd be happy to see a TODO list as I might pop-in and help. Can't promise I'll help
> but I can promise I'll try to!
cool, would appreciate any help or contribution.  i put up a public svn
server at http://piousity.net/namazTime with the latest changes
mentioned above.  if anyone wants write access let me know.

> > license... i am not sure -- i was thinking gpl, but it looks like itl is
> > put under lgpl, so should this also be released under lgpl in this case?
> No, You can relicense it under GPL.
okay, included gpl.txt from gpl webpage in subversion.

jazakAllah khair for your input and suggestions.