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Re: libquran in embedded environment

wa 'alaykum assallam wa rahmatullahi
Could you give more details about your use of the libquran on ARM device :
  - which device : Zaurus ...
  - have some screenshots of your applications...
  - ...

On 5/24/05, Mohammad DAMT <mdamt at gnome dot org> wrote:
السلام عليكم
I'm back *-)
I have a proposal to make (major) changes in libquran, I'd like to have
it run in a decent way in embedded environment (arm, etc). Right now
libquran requires big memory because it loads all the quran data in
memory (> 2Megs for arabic version alone). What I'd like to do is to get
the data retrieved on demand.
The other thing is to replace the xml storage into binary storage,
parsing the xml at startup quite takes long time at least in my arm

What is the best to do this, create a branch in cvs?

thanks, and good to see you again guys *-)

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