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Re: hadith application

--- benoit midy <bmidy23 at gmail dot com> wrote:
> My application is a rewrite of an available application under windows.
> The windows version is a non commercial applications that could be used
> by everyone except for commercial use. I try to contact the author of
> the application, but he did not answer me :((
> So I start to rewrite the application from the scratch.

No harm done - sounds like the perfect example for the existence
of the entire open source movement :-)  If _your_ application
under an open source license ?  In other words, would you mind
putting it under GPL license [1] so that others can use and build
upon it ?

> The complete program is composed of 2 pieces: 
>  - the core search/engine/User interface application
>  - the data (a collection of RealAudio datas)
> The complete data takes many CDs (e.g. 7 CDs are necessary
> for all the tapes...)

So you are using the data from the windows non-commercial applications
package ?  Is there a different license on the dataset - in other
words, can the data be used in an open source project ?  I don't
think the windows application has rights on the data and I'd even
think that most of that data (or tapes or CDs, etc) are under
public-domain (in principle at least), but then again I'm guessing

[1] http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html


 - Nadim

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