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Re: Forgot to mention

On Thu, 20 Jan 2005 13:53:09 +0200
"Dr.Dre" <pharon at gmail dot com> wrote:

> Also the linux-live scripts allow you to build modules that can be
> inserted into a liveCD easily by either adding it to the iso ( no
> rebuilds just put them in a folder and they get picked up ), or even
> inserted into a running live system ( means you have them on HDD/USB
> and insert them into the system after booting the CD ).
> I'll keep updating as I remeber things.

oh so there is still hope for the modular arabbix idea?

linux-live can be used with any distro, so even if people don't like the
idea of arabbix being a branch of phaeronix we can use linux-live with
some other base.


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