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Re: ITL release process

Samy Al Bahra writes:
 > No, stick to two numbers after. We are not supposed to expose ABI changes in a 
 > minor release.

According to the freeBSD link that was posted here, the third number
is completely ignored by the ldconfig process. I see no harm in having
it there as information to the user on what version they have
installed on their system.

 > > Why so? The library SONAME is currently libitl.so.0 (with no version
 > > number). If I understand this correctly, unless you bump the SONAME
 > > number up nothing will break/change.
 > Correct, we bump that 0 only in ABI changes. Let's start at 1.

As I've read somewhere on Debian's documentation, the 0 means that the
library API is still at an unstable period and it might change and
break freely. I believe the 0 is a suitable so version for libitl at
this moment. We still need more consistency in style and design of the
library API between the Hijri and prayer modules. The hijri, for
example, could use a wrapper for the two supported methods of
calculation in a single function. Also, and I'm not sure if I'm being
pedantic here, but there is this_this and thisThis at the API level
that may have to change as well.

Thamer Mahmoud