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Re: ITL release process

--- Samy Al Bahra <samy at kerneled dot org> wrote:
> The ITL release process is far from perfect and far from satisfactory.
> During the creation of the FreeBSD port for libitl, several things were
> noted.
> 1) When the distribution file is uncompressed, it must uncompress to
>     libitl-${VERSION} and not itl-libs.

My bad - it currently uncompresses to itl/lib-$(VERSION).  I'll take
care of this for next releases.

> 2) When announced, libitl should be announced as a seperate package than
>     itools.

That is already the case.
> 3) The library naming scheme is incorrect. libitl-${VERSION}.so is not a
>     standard naming convention and will create conistency issues with
>     many systems for future ITL software.

Agreed.  The '-$(VERSION)' should not be there.  I'll leave this for Thamer.


 - Nadim

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