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Re: gtk arabic colorings

Dear Ahmed, Mete,

I think Ahmed is trying out to do it differently from what I did. If I
understood correctly, you are trying to create and application that
will highlight tajweed rule under gnome, right?

What I idi is something very basic. I just create an html page so that
each character will have different colors, nothing to do with tajweed
rules. However, if we encode the text to correcpond to tajweed rules,
we will have the correct colors for it.

Anyway, it only works under IE. I use the <span> tag for each
character. Under firefox, this will lead to the characters to take the
isolated forms only, thus not very usefull. I did not try it under


On 8/11/05, Mete Kural <metek at touchtonecorp dot com> wrote:
> Hello Ahmed,
> Meor might be able to provide some insight for you. He has been experimenting this feature with some rendering engines and I think Pango is one of them too. Meor, did you get the seperate coloring to work in Pango also or was it just uniscribe?
> Thanks,
> Mete
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> From: Ahmed El-Helw <ahmed at piousity dot net>
> Reply-To: Development Discussions <developer at arabeyes dot org>
> Date:  Tue, 9 Aug 2005 21:44:56 -0400
> >alsalam 3ala man itaba3 al huda -
> >hope everyone is doing well.  i have been stuck for a while on this
> >issue
> >and was wondering if anyone could suggest how to get this to work.  i am
> >trying to write a tajweed highlighting engine... in order to do so, i
> >need to
> >be able to color certain letters in an ayah a different color.
> >
> >the problem i am having is getting this to properly render in gtk.
> >i've tried two different approaches:
> >
> >1. making two identical TextTags with nothing differing except the
> >colors,
> >2. playing around with pango_parse_markup() and, for instance,
> >GtkLabels to
> >     see if i could get anything to work.
> >
> >with the first, i had total failure - the letters would come out
> >separated [ie the shaping
> >would break].
> >
> >with the second, it depends on what i did - if, for instance, i just
> >did color span of the
> >first half the string to be blue and that's it, it appeared to
> >perhaps work fine [i say it
> >"appeared to work fine" b/c at that size, its hard to really tell
> >whether they are two
> >separate letters or are connected to each other, but they seem
> >connected but am not
> >totally sure on that] -- but when i tried making the font larger, you
> >could clearly see shaping broken.
> >
> >i tried to email owen and ask him, and his response a few months ago
> >was that it was
> >working as far as he knew and if i could write a c demo showing it to
> >submit a bug to
> >bugzilla - i've done so recently and emailed him, but i take it he's
> >really busy and so
> >hasn't gotten a chance to write back.  in addition, ppl on the gtk-
> >app-devel list didn't
> >answer either.
> >
> >if anyone can give me any sort of tip would be greatly appreciated.
> >thanks,
> >-ahmed
> >
> >
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