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Re: Questions regarding ITL

Moazzam Khan writes:
 > Hello,
 > ITL takes pressure, temperature and distance above sea level. What are
 > the units of these?

Take a look at the "prayer.h" file for more info.

 > The values I put (for New York) are:
 > degreeLat=40.6933
 > degreeLong=-73.8588
 > gmtDiff=-5
 > dst=0  [is this day light savings?]
 > seaLevel=4832
 > pressure=1101.391
 > temperature=54.7

Apart from the temperature value (should be in C), these look right to
me. Are you sure you're substituting the correct Date structure

If you wish, you could also "make install" the library+itools and then
try testing with "ipraytime". For example (see the manpage for the

 ipraytime -lat 40.6933 -lon -73.8588 -u -5 --dst 0 -a 5

For future bug reporting, and if you still believe that this is a bug
in ITL, please file a report at http://bugs.arabeyes.org/ or
bugs at arabeyes dot org instead of this list. Thanks.

Thamer Mahmoud