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Re: PuTTY Testing

Yup, I think you got 'em :-)  I've been unable to crash PuTTY (anyone
else verify that ?).

now my PuTTY crashes. :( only when dubugging is on. and i click anywhere in PuTTY.

Well its not quite perfect yet.  Try the following - 'less' that file
and then double-click on any word below the line in question.  Do you
notice the ':' changing location (ie. dancing) ?  I also noticed that
text in arabic that denotes "(Arabeyes):" on line number-3 also gets
its colon (ie. ':') to dance as well.  Try scrolling, minimizing/maximizing
and/or selecting some single word texts via mouse to see what I mean.
In short, note the location of the ':' each time you do anything.

i dont see it.. my ':' are still in their places... does any one else see a dancing ':' ???

- Nadim

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