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Re: A Localization Survey

--- Nadir Durrani <aquadurrani at hotmail dot com> wrote:
> I am doing a localization survey on languages that are based on Arabic
> script. I need to check arabic support on KDE and GNOME both platforms, 
> but first I want to gather data related to human resource and the teams 
> working on Arabic and the type of localization activities they are involved 
> in. Can any one tell where can I find this information. About HR here is 
> what I want to know about each team

You've reached the wrong location to ask such questions.  If you are
interested in localization issues, the 'doc' list is more appropriate.

> Location , No of developers , No of translators , Linguists ( if any ) , 
> type of localization activities they are involved in ?

We are NOT a company and don't have an HR view of things.  Your inquiry
into people's location is irrelevant at best given today's technology
and work habits.  Such measurements are feel-good non-sense (if I might
add my bias), what really should be measured are the results and accomplishment
these dedicated people have attained and correlate that
to productivity (shear gross number of people against time).

PS: Do __NOT__ use HTML in your mails (use plain-text/ASCII).


 - Nadim

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