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Re: ITL php code


   For writing PHP extensions and a HOW-TO.

Under the PECL resource section the how to by Jim Winstead seems to be the best one.

Also under the packages, networking, tcpwrap is a simple and good example to look at.

However this can turn into lot of pain.. as you need to wrap each function in ilt lib with zend API and do error checking and etc.. etc..
also their are the obvious compilation issues where a average joe might not want to download the PHP source.. and compile the extension.

Under Cygwin you just have to make sure you have installed all the available packages from them.. for me.. I use cygwin and rsync for backup purposes.. and it was a pain to get it going.. if I selected individual packages.. but now I just do a complete install and then remove the junk I don't need.

Omar Abo-Namous wrote:

On Mon, 7 Jun 2004 22:39:51 -0700 (PDT), Nadim Shaikli wrote:

--- Omar Abo-Namous <merlin12345 at gmx dot de> wrote:

i've been looking into the whole php-library thing the last two days
or so, but come up with nothing really useful.... i'm not used to
makefiles, 'building' and so on...

Sounds like you are asking for some help :-) Can anyone familiar with PHP and its dl() present Omar with a solution in which the ITL library is loaded (in its C format) and is made accessible to some PHP widget ?

yes, i am! If anyone wrote and compiled a php-library or if anyone have seen a HOWTO on php-libraries, then please respond, would be nice, i get nothing off of google and the small intro on php.net didn't 'satisfy' me=i didn't understand it fully :)

as of now, i've downloaded the php-source and cygwin (which i don't know
exactly what it does except for porting some unix-tools to windows (grep)).
I've tried reading the directives by php.net on how to compile a library,
but that didn't get me anywhere.

You should really consider moving (or at least have a secondary partition) to linux. Cygwin ought to work just as well (although I have no direct experience on it and certainly not with web-related applications) to compile source, etc.

I've tried under cygwin, but no can do. Especially the make-script isn't available. Then i started a vm and run knoppix. Under knoppix i was able to "make" but i don't know where he put the so-file...

i think it is more efficient to keep the php-files updated. I can take
this challenge, it's not very difficult to translate from c to php..

Its not a question of efficiency as much as keeping with the idiom of how libraries should be used. This might be difficult to figure out, but once done you'd have 2 options with which to proceed.

Nadim, if the point is getting the library up-to-date, i can do that. I could respond to every change in the original library and change the php-code. It's much simpler. I#ve got nothing against learning new things, but we should consider, if this would help in any way...



Thamer, any thought to including Swig interface files - you for it,
against it, indifferent ?  Should simple enough (even trivial) to do.

Omar, don't give up and learn something new (there are people on this
list that can help :-)


- Nadim

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