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Re: ITL php code

For what it is worth, I just compiled the prayertimes portion of it, using lcc, and VSC++ 7.1

Umer Farooq wrote:


Ya.. it is not easy as just loading the C module.. you must write a C wrapper.. around and build and then use the php dl() function or put it in the /usr/local/lib/php/extensions folder. I think the simplest method of getting it out be to use the automatic build processes at the time of comiling php.

As for as cygwin goes.. only way it would work out be.. if you are running apache and php under it..

I think the simplest bet is to keep it in PHP.. as for C someone would.. still need to maintain the wrapper. Also it really frustrating to get this to compile on windows. Also most hosting companies will likly restrict you on loading shared modules for PHP.

Omar Abo-Namous wrote:

Salam guys,
i've been looking into the whole php-library thing the last two days or so, but come up with nothing really useful.... i'm not used to makefiles, 'building' and so on...

as of now, i've downloaded the php-source and cygwin (which i don't know exactly what it does except for porting some unix-tools to windows (grep)). I've tried reading the directives by php.net on how to compile a library, but that didn't get me anywhere.

i think it is more efficient to keep the php-files updated. I can take this challenge, it's not very difficult to translate from c to php..



On Thu, 3 Jun 2004 04:00:31 -0400, Behdad Esfahbod wrote:

On Thu, 3 Jun 2004, Omar Abo-Namous wrote:

Ok, i think it's what i'm searching for. Problem would be, that we'd need
versions (for windows and linux) and i'd have to compile an so-library file
(don't exactly know how...)

Infact it's worse, you may need to compile one for each version
of PHP!  BTW, as I said, you grab the source code for PHP, and it
has a document on how to create modules, and you cal copy a
simple module like fribidi and work on.  The trick is basically
to use a command called phpize.

thnx anyway.



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