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Re: ITL testing

--- Omar Abo-Namous <merlin12345 at gmx dot de> wrote:
> i seem to get an error too. i have included a file that i created
> with ">" and ">>" directives. Beside that i've got some "undefined 
> reference"-warnings (?) in stdoutput. At the end it looks like this:
> build/umm_alqura.o(.text+0x934):umm_alqura.c: undefined reference to `floor'
> build/umm_alqura.o(.text+0xa27):umm_alqura.c: undefined reference to `floor'
> build/umm_alqura.o(.text+0x1064):umm_alqura.c: undefined reference to `modf'
> make: *** [build/libitl.so] Fehler 1

This is odd as well, since the -lm lib is certainly found as is noted

> checking for floor in -lm... yes
> checking for modf in -lm... yes
> checking for pow in -lm... yes

Don't know what to tell ya - sorry.  I personally don't see why its


 - Nadim

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