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Re: [Katoob] german translation and suggestions

Guten Abend Riyad, 

Am 2004-06-30 19:27:46, schrieb Riyad Preukschas:
>Assalamu 3alaikum,
>I took the liberty to correct your translation as you requested in a 
>previous mail.
>So here it is.

Danke für Korrekturen...
Bin gerade dabei weiterzumachen...

>PS: Feel free to comment about my changes.

I will do it...

I have mixed up your correction with the correction of Helge Kreutzmann 
(debian-l10n-german). I think, Now it is good.

But many msgid are translated but not shown in Katoob. They are still 
english. I will make a list off all errors in menus and Dialogs. Maybe 
there are around 40 items...

>	Riyad


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