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Re: Quick tutorial

On Fri, 2004-01-30 at 23:32, Ahmed Hashim wrote:
> Alsalamo 3likom
> dear friends,
> i have joined this group and mail-lists from about 3 months, but
> really i am
> unhappy because i am an inactive member, i did not effect this group
> or the
> Arab Eyes projects at all.
> i will mention some reasons and not all and then i will ask some
> question
> plz don't take my words as a but try to help me to understand what
> beyond me and if there is a wrong thisg in arab eyes we want to fix
> it.
> 1-The problems discussed in the developers mail list are many and not
> clear
> for new members.
> 2-almost all issues based on the previous work on the projects
> 3-new member don't know how this projects "finished" developed.
> 4-if i want to take a look into the to-do list, 
> http://www.arabeyes.org/viewtodo.php?todoid=100
> alot of work for one person, why??
> problems and a lot of them are assigned for a specific person.
> 5-the development lifecycle of the projects is not known
> 6-there is no good documentation about the achieved project
> 7-the source code of the project is not documented well
> 8-the arab eyes projects is not available on the market
> i.e there is no company i can get the products from it or copy it, i
> must download
> 9-some products like Qouran is not deployed well.
> 10-there is no request for help in any issue.
> i am confused, i finished my project on the faculty which a text
> editor support arabic, implements ordering, shaping and all problems,
> and another one which client-server App.
> but when i look to this todo
> http://www.arabeyes.org/viewtodo.php?todoid=81
> it is the first time to know about CUPS and it is good but in the todo
> there is no description about the task.
> i know that it is a shortage on my knowledge but some one must
> simplify the idea
> so the conclusion that i can say about the Arab Eyes, it is not
> documented Well.
> My suggestion,
> 1-if any one of the members have a company , he publish his company as
> a Arab eyes destro so people can buy arabeyes products.
> 2-start to document the project. 
> 3-make comments on the code
> 4-describe the todo briefly.
> 5- make a quick tutorial about the product and its installation,
> configuration and developing 
> i am sorry friends i hope that you understand that my goal is to
> achieve more success for arab eyes.
> i hope that the responsible can think in my ideas and i can help in
> it.
> if any brother want to tell me any advice send me private mail.


I will try to answer some of your questions here:

1. The issues discussed on the mailing-list are as diverse as the
Arabization issues are. If you are not sure what is being discussed you
may want to stick to the 'general' mailing-list for awhile since the
issues there are more broad and not as technical.

2. I'm not sure what we can do here. That's kind of like walking in the
middle of a conversation and complaining that they are talking about an
event you weren't present in.. just catch up ;)

3. I am not sure I understand what you mean by that.

4. You are looking at the wrong todo list. This is something
self-assigned by Anmar himself to himself. If you want to see the
Arabeyes global todo list, it's here:

5. Yes, that is a problem. What do you suggest?

6. That is about to change.. but, do be specific.

7. Which project? Again, be specific. 

8. And most likely never will be.

9. There has been a reason why development has stopped in that project..
namely because authorities responsible for certifying Quranic texts are
not living up to their obligations when we asked them to do so for our
project.. which leaves developers reluctant to continue working on a
what can be a very sensitive project.

10. Not true. Please check the ArabeyesTodo list.

As far as your suggestions are concerned:

1. Not going to happen. I don't think you are familiar with Open Source
and volunteer projects. It doesn't work like that.

2&3&5. Will happen. As soon as we declare the Developer Guide mandatory.
You are talking about the same thing.

4. You need to find the correct place to find the TODO lists.. mentioned

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