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Re: PuTTY details

--- Musab Al-Rawi <musab_rawi at hotmail dot com> wrote:
> main ideas :
> 1. disabling Windows from shaping and messing up the letters.
> 2. getting the bidi and shaping into putty(as specified later in the log).

Behdad (there is a question for you below :-)

To add a bit more content to what is listed above (for those that didn't
go through the entire log) the following was agreed upon,

 1. It was decided that windows' API and abilities to do Bidi and
    Shaping should not be utilized (since PuTTY is moving to various
    other platforms and creating such a dependency is very short-sighted)

 2. It was decided that Arabeyes will generate a patch (in a week or so)
    to disable the current shaping that is happening

 3. It was decided that the PuTTY team (Simon, et al) are to work on an
    outline on what needs to be done in terms of adding Bidi and Shaping
    (ie. which functions need to change, which structures modified, etc)

 4. It was decided that once outline is in hand and patch is complete
    that we'd touch base again (if need be and if warranted).

Behdad, now for your question :-)  PuTTY utilizes the MIT license


and so the question came up with regard to whether FriBidi (being LGPL)
could be integrated without any license issues or headaches.  In other
words, would PuTTY's license be intact if FriBidi was added ?  I know
virtually nil about licenses and decided to ask.

Salam (and Regards :-)

 - Nadim

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