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The first alpha of bicon is live.
You can download the file http://www.geocities.com/malkarouri/bicon.tar.gz
,where you will find the 0.01 version of bicon.
Actually this is not a release, but te current working code.

What is already done
* Problem of license solved
The offending code was replaced with code taken from the Python library, which
is GPL compatible. It as been checked.

* Initial use of autotools in the project
Autotools were used; they are now responsible for fjoining, fconsole and bicon,
and working successfully.

What should be done now
* We need CVS for it
* Somebody use a proper bootstrap instead of kbootstrap
* I already made an arab.kmap.gz. It should be corrected. And we need an arabic

In fact, most needed things are mentioned in
I confirm that point 1 in that message is done.

Wanna try it?
mkdir bicon;cd bicon
tar xzvf bicon.tar.gz

Now you have bicon in the bicon subdirectory..
Figure out how to use the keymap and font, as explained in README (still the
old one)

By the way, I am still more or less out of reach.

Please help in this project.


Muhammad Alkarouri
MSc Telecommunication and Information Systems

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