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Re: arabic project using python

--- ahmed rezq <biomedical_student at yahoo dot com> wrote:
> I am sorry to misled you, what i meant is "reportlab" it URL is:
> http://www.reportlab.com, second if you can tell me where to 
> subscribe.

Surf Arabeyes.org's website and you will see it promptly noted
on the right menu.


> let me remind you with original problems (RTL) and the Arabic letters 
> disjoning,  it will be displayed like this    

Again, are you asking for something ?  If you are reporting a problem
this is the wrong place to do it (report it to 'reportlab' instead).
If you are asking us to fix the problem then I would realistically tell
you that no one will leap to get it fixed (unless there are people out
there that use this application - of whom I know none).  So your best
bet is to fix it yourself.  If you have specific questions on certain
topics, present them - but be clear about what you need and what you
are requesting or asking about.

In passing, what you note above is an application that does not have
Bidi (bi-directionality) and doesn't have shaping.

BTW: I will no longer be answering any personal mail I receive on
     this topic - subscribe to the list and continue there.

PS: do NOT use CP-1256 encoding on your emails (use UTF-8 instead).


 - Nadim

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