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about bicon (akka++). and,btw, I am out of order

Hi everyone,

Just I had this chance for the internet, and thought I would tell you what is
actually happening in farsi. I prefer the bicon name by the way.

I have made some changes (not a lot). Please have a look at:


The main thing is that:

1. An additional directory (bcon) now includes a python program and C source
for a python module. The combination should give the same use as the old fcon.
Actually the C file is directly copied from within the old fcon.c, the part
mentioned by Behdad.
- Please Behdad, have a look at the file bjoin.c and confirm the licensing I
did now.
- The python programming is temporary, till I get replacing code. Probabply
from expect or from sources of Python library, if license permits. I understand
that we need to have no python code for portability,etc.

2. I tried to autotoolize the whole project, and have actually started. Please
(all of you) have a look. Notice that this is the first time I use autotools,
so please give me any possible corrections.
By the way, the script ./kbootstrap is the thing that does your (Make -f
Makefile.cvs or ./autogen.sh). Please suggest a replacement.

3. I have started some license checking, which you can find in various LICENSE
files. If anybody can give a correction/comment, please do.

If anybody is still in doubt till now, I am out of order. In other words, I
have no internet connection, among other things. Unless something happens, I am
at least 'not there' till February. Please enjoy yourselves;)

When I was preparing for the RHCE exam, the only thing I was really afraid of
is sendmail. I use postfix because I was not able to write sendmail.mc files.
The reason: the m4 language was more difficult to me than quantum mechanics.
Thanks autotools, I have to face that again .................
Slogan: support m4, the only thing worse than perl

Let the war begin..


Muhammad Alkarouri
MSc Telecommunication and Information Systems

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