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ITL ready for release ?

I have just check-in the promised 'ical' application to the ITL project's
"hijri" branch.  I continue to seek the following to speed the process
and to release this library (it is _now_ a complete replacement for
'hdate' sans the moon-phase calculations and output which I think we
can live without),

 1. Testing which results in comments/feedback/bug-reports/advice

 2. I would _really_ like to see the umm_alqura.c file revamped
    completely (would someone familiar with algorithm be willing to
    rewrite it so that its readable, maintainable and uses the structs
    defined in hijri.h, etc) ?

 3. I am still unsure of how to release both 'prayertime' and 'hijri'
    as a single ITL library.  Do we need to consolidate things in CVS
    first (Elzubeir ?) or simply mangle it on the side somehow (yuck).
    Please spare us any "separate release" talks :-)

 4. Longer term - we really need to replace (as noted in an earlier
    thread) the archaic hijri calculation code (its from 1990) with
    something more accurate and precise (Roozbeh, had mentioned a
    book from Reingold, et al).

The code is ready and available in CVS (as noted I want it released soon),


Thamer, any updates/plans on 'prayertime' ?



 - Nadim

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