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Arabic Roots and January 30, 2004 ;)

> > LREC 2004 Arabic Treebanking Workshop
> > May 24, 2004, 14:30-20:00
> > Centro Cultural de Belem, Lisbon, Portugal

> I can see that the deadline for submissions has already passed ;)

Dear Mohamed,

if this is a joke, I do get it ;)) Otherwise, let me make clear that the 
deadline is still ahead, January 30, 2004! I believe the papers 
of the proceedings will become available on-line, it will depend on the 

> On a sidenote, do you know where I can find a corpus of Arabic roots (a
> comprehensive one)? I have been looking for one for ages and have failed
> to come across one. I am willing to _pay_ for it if it comes to it (and
> license it with an OSS license).

I found such a resource quite a while ago at Tim Buckwalter's 
http://www.qamus.org. Then, I consulted with Tim, typeset the lists in 
ArabTeX and put them also on the web.

I cannot find a link to the lists now at qamus.org, but the converted 
version works at http://ckl.mff.cuni.cz/smrz/www/roots.zip. It contains 
comprehensible original data files, then the TeX sources and also the 

Please, consult with Tim <TimBuckwalter at qamus dot org> about the licenses.

Happy New Year,

Otakar Smrz