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Re: ITL status

Hi Nadim,

Keep us posted please.  You get a free review from me ;-).
For a logo, I've got some ideas.  Lets see if Behnam would
implement that.


On Sat, 3 Jan 2004, Nadim Shaikli wrote:

> I believe the ITL project is ready for a review and a beta release.  If all
> things look well enough we should also work on that integration we talked
> about awhile back of both the hijri and prayer into a single cohesive
> 'libitl' library (not sure how best to do this and how to structure it
> in CVS, etc).  I've added the necessary man pages for both 'ipraytime'
> and 'idate' end-user applications and have tested the code on linux and
> solaris without issue (thanks again Thamer and Samy for your help).  'ical'
> will be forth coming in the future (no need to wait for it now).  A couple
> of things to note though with regard to the 'hijri' code,
>  1. The umm_alqura code is... well... not user-friendly (but it seems to
>     work).  It would really be best if someone reimplemented that module
>     and/or cleaned it up.
>  2. The 'common' (non-umm_alqura) date convertion used in based on some
>     sample code I found from reingold and co. from 1990.  Roozbeh has noted
>     a more updated book from him which will undoubtedly contain improvements
>     on the algorithm used - I haven't had the time to look into the book,
>     so if anyone is interested, do please let us know.
> In both instances, the API should remain the same which will only affect
> the guts of the library.
> A logo will hopefully be forth coming (I have just posted a request on
> Arabeyes' "general" list), but what we need now is any comments/feedback
> so that we can move safely into integrating those two pieces of code into
> a single library and release the code (we need to replace the to-be-yanked
> 'hdate' package :-).
> Salam.
>  - Nadim