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Re: less & composing characters - fix

--- Mark Nudelman <markn at greenwoodsoftware dot com> wrote:
> The new version of less is ready for testing.  You can download from
> http://www.greenwoodsoftware.com/less/less-384.tar.gz.  I'm especially
> interested in testing multibyte UTF-8 characters, and composing and
> combining characters, including special cases like man-page style
> overstriking of multi-byte characters (two identical characters with a
> backspace between them, or a character overstruck by an underscore),
> line breaks in long lines containing multibyte characters, and command
> line editing (search pattern or :e filename) with multibyte characters.
> One thing that I know doesn't work quite right is combining characters
> on the command line, although composing characters should work.  Let me
> know if you find any problems.

I downloaded 384, but I can't get it to display UTF-8 characters at
all.  I get the likes of 'P3REP qDDGP qD1QN-REpFP' instead of seeing
UTF-8 Arabic characters.  The same setup, settings (I have, per the
man page, LESSCHARSET set to utf-8) and file under 381 works without

Here's a sample file for you to try (compare against what is shown
on your web browser when the UTF-8 encoding is selected),


Let me know if I'm doing something wrong.

 uname -a : SunOS dah 5.7 Generic_106541-15 sun4u
 gcc -v   : gcc version 3.2.1

Can someone else please confirm (and CC Mark) ?


 - Nadim

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