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Re: less & composing characters - fix

--- Behdad Esfahbod <behdad at cs dot toronto dot edu> wrote:
> Can you briefly tell us what kind of fixes do you mean?

I believe it had to do with composing characters and how 'less'
treated the line.  If my memory is correct, while using mlterm
(where shaping and bidi is taken care of for you), the line
length would count each character as a character that is taking
up a single character width which is not necessarily true.  In
other words if I had (assume L is for LAM and A for Alef)


The line width that less would calculate would be as noted above
when in reality (and visually) it needs to be (assume X for LAA,
the combined LAM+ALEF glyph),


and so a line with lots of LAA's in it would spill over visually
in less's mind and would not look right (try it) and I simply
corrected that problem (and there were a few other minor things
which I don't remember of the top of my head - its been a LONG
time now).

Hope that makes sense.


 - Nadim

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