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Re: grace period [ was developers' guide]

On Tue, 2004-02-17 at 13:49, Mohammed Sameer wrote:

> And why don't we use the autogen.sh ? Most of the projects are using it 
> already.

Why do I get the feeling that I replied to this before. If the general
consensus is to go with autogen.sh as the standard, then it's fine with
me. All I am after here is consistency. I arbitrarily chose
Makefile.cvs, but I have no emotional attachments to it.

> We are not judging the development skills here, And we are not forcing 
> the developer to learn new things just because we want to

Learning Makefile structure as opposed to shell scripting? Really.. both
are worth learning if you plan to do any development ;)

> I have a suggestion here:
> I'm using Gtk, I think using gtk-doc 'd be better than doxygen
> Another developer is using Qt/Kde, then use their documentation 
> framework.
> etc...
> Only use doxygenn if No documentation framework is there for the toolkit 
> used/or if you are developing a console application.

I am sticking my guns on this one. We want something that is
framework-agnostic. Doxygen is the answer. It is rather flexible and you
may very likely not have to change much in the way you comment your code
already (if you're using a documentation framework for gtk or whatever).

Again, no one is being asked to learn Doxygen. It is only required that
you comment your code (in the _many_ ways acceptable by the Doxygen
processor) so that code is being documented.. and that we can
automatically generate code documentation straight from CVS.

> > 
> Does this have to be in the standard ChangeLog format specified by the 
> GNU project ??

Yes. That would be preferable. cvs2cl already does that.. so you may
follow how it outputs things. I made a link to it just so people know
where to go.

> for individual projects, i think it doesn't make sence.
> but when we are to release togeather, then we can enforce this.

Completely disagree ;)
> and sure the new guidelines'll be followed by me regardless of what i 
> think about them ;-)

That's because you're too nice ;) 

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