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RE: PuTTy CAN shape now

great job man really great job,

not really, i just stole VIM's shaping code and pluged it into PuTTy where Simon said(in do_paint())...

i beleieve that i should let Putty for u Ahmad, u know Unicode things, fonts, addresses and all of these things more than i do and

hehehe, i just learned that stuff here... its dfficult to get any help from anyone
around here, but bit by bit you'll get it..

i think i will slow-down the process, i will keep track of things so that i can learn something out of putty..
it is better for me to participate in something that i know more about than.
so please refere to Nadim's emails regarding contacting Simon (use the email putty at projects dot tartarus dot org since Simon asked us to use when emailing regarding putty) and doing the CVS uploads.
wish u luck and congratulations for this nice and huge jump :)

look, i dont believe that PuTTy is a usefull app, or that people need it... i do this
for the fun of it and the education... i.e dont take it seriously as if its a commercial
product... we can schedule a meeting on IRC and i'll tell u what i know about
shaping, Unicode, and Bidi... if u'd like...


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