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RE: putty can shape now..

From: "ahmad khalifa" <ahmadkhalifa at hotmail dot com>


i will get the doc.s printed and read them all tonight hopefully.. that will be my bed time story ;)

i think u should first ask Simon, and if he wants it as a patch, ask nadim about it...
i agree with u, tonight i will send an email to Simon explainning what we did and how things are delt with, that will help him with giving us comments regarding the work, i.e is it ok or not ok.

well, i think Simon's doc will only say where to put the functions, and not how they should do what they do... so i think we should start working on the stuff while weawait Simon's answer...
yeah that's true i don't expect his doc. to be talkative, and from the last meeting we had i have a general idea where things are going to take place, now i am not on my laptop sorry i can't help that much. But we can see the code as he directed us during the meeting and see what we can do ..

we know that we need to do bidi and shaping... shaping code is avilable Sameer had it already written, u can get it from the archives, but i have it on my laptop (which i am far away from :)).
the Bidi .. is implemented in Katoob as i was told we need to take a look at it and see how it is done.. i beleieve that this will be sooo helpful.

did u change the code in pwrite() in any way..?
hmm i think that i didn't .. i will email u the correct answer once i get home..

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