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RE: putty can shape now..

From: "ahmad khalifa" <ahmadkhalifa at hotmail dot com>
well u only get the letters (tah) and (zah), because they are 0xd8 and 0xd9 in CP-1256...
and as i said GetCharacterPlacement expects CP-1256 , and you give it Unicode which is 2 bytes and
usually starts with 0xd8 and 0xd9..... so you have to add the funtion WideCharToMultiByte() before

just merge the 2 emails i sent u before...

OKay, it is working.. now i can see arabic letters, no shaping no Bidi (yepie skipie) but
1. i have noticed that sometimes a '?' is showed instead of an 'alef'.. any idea ?
2. another thing, if i don't change the font to an arabic one from the Window->appearnce i can't
see the arabic letters.. guess that's normal i.e that's how it should work right?
any other notes i missed somewhere?
thanks Ahmad u r da man :)

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