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Re: ITL release

Nadim Shaikli writes:
 > Ayman, 0.6.2 is an old version that does not include the debian additions
 > and/or changes.  You need to grab the CVS files (we should really have a
 > 0.6.3 release) as noted in Thamer's latest post,
 >   http://lists.arabeyes.org/archives/developer/2004/December/msg00017.html
 > Thamer, would you be kind enough to debian'ize itools ?  Although the two
 > packages aren't related, it would be nice to release an updated version of
 > each at the same time.  Awaiting your reply to this and to Ayman's request
 > above.
 > Salam.
 >  - Nadim

OK. I'll do it. For the debian package creation scripts, the only
possible show stoppers, and I can't be sure right now, is the
configure.in level checks and, to a lesser extent, how to actually
link the itools to libitl.so.0 (instead of libitl.so). Doing both
while still maintaining a working "make isntall" process might be a
little tricky to pull off.

In any case, I just made a final update to get rid of the -m32 flag,
and the lib is now ready for a 0.6.3 release.

Thamer Mahmoud