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Katoob 0.3.8 Released

Long time no releases, But I kept my word, The release happened this month ;-)
What to expect ? A long list of bug fixes and improvements,
The last release was really buggy as hell. I hope this one'll be fine.
 - Hey, We have a new icon now!
 - A crash ? Should be able to debug itself, And you won't loose your files.
 - Hebrew and Japanese translations.
 - Small UI tweaks here and there.
 - + A lot more.

The full ChangeLog is available in the source tarball.

Source tarball is available from:

Debian woody package is available from:
or via my apt repository:

deb http://bignachos.com/~uniball/ debian/
deb-src http://bignachos.com/~uniball/ debian/
apt-get update && apt-get install katoob

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