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Re: Java Prayer engine (ITL)

--- Moazzam Khan <moazzam at ummah dot org> wrote:
> I have ported the prayer times calculation engine to Java. I am going to
> use it in an application I am making, and I thought you could publish it
> for others who needed it in Java. 

Moazzam, a couple of notes:

 1. Please upload your code to a website somewhere and provide a link
    so that others would be able to partake in your work.
 2. I'm assuming your code is under (L)GPL license.
 3. We've had a similar conversation (about PHP I think) with someone
    else a bit back with regards to using the actual library and creating
    a Java wrapper around the installed C-library.  I do see value, though,
    in having a native Java port for such platforms as windows, etc which
    might not have the ITL library installed (or might not be able to
    install it even).

> I have also ported it to .NET and am trying to port it to PHP. I would
> have sent those along with this, but I don't have the code on this
> computer. If you want those too, let me know and I will send them

As long as everything is under GPL, sure.  Again, do please upload to a
website somewhere (there are plenty of free sites one can upload to) and
provide a URL.  I'm also CC'ing our "developer" list to get others to
know about this work so in the future do please mail all your correspondence
to that mailing-list.

The main issue we continue to face is our intent to create a "library"
which should have curtailed the need to proliferate the porting of the
code to various languages (think about when a bug is fixed or a new
feature added then you have 5 other ports to go deal with) - I'm not
sure how best to deal with this though.

Thamer, any thoughts/ideas ?


 - Nadim

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