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Re: ITL ready for release ?

Nadim Shaikli writes:
 > Thamer, are you OK with a release of both ITL-lib and ITL-itools ?
 > Do please let me know since I think we've been in testing mode (with minimal
 > feedback mind you) for awhile now.
 > Salam.
 >  - Nadim

I have made a final update to ipraytime to support the latest changes
that went into the lib some time ago. I think both the tools/lib are
now ready for a new release.

For the prayer part, I can only think of a single unresolved issue
that I will look into for future releases (and shouldn't stop a
release from happening now, IMO):

- The problem mentioned by Abdulhaq here [1] regarding the global
  variable "Astro astro". From what I understand, support for static
  building might help with reproducing this.

[1] http://lists.arabeyes.org/archives/developer/2004/July/msg00156.html


Thamer Mahmoud