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Fwd: [Bug 148732] - cursor movenmet is not correct in gedit when I type Arabic text.

Can you please test and vote?

------- Additional Comments From munzirtaha at newhorizons dot com dot sa  2004-08-05
 22:11 ------- I compiled glib-2.5.0 pango-1.5.1 atk-1.6.1 (1.7 couldn't be
 downoaded from the gtk.org) gtk+-2.5.0 and was able to reproduce the bug
 with gtk-demo but with 3+ lines not 2 lines as tested in gtk-2.2. We are
 improving... ;)

I also noticed that the cursor jumps to different places sometimes even with
the same text!

Also note that this gtk-demo version supports wrapping on. Thansk Owen Taylor
for letting me compile gtk+ for the first time in my life ;)

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