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RE: CUPS hacking

--- ahmad khalifa <ahmadkhalifa at hotmail dot com> wrote:
> >From: Nadim Shaikli <shaikli at yahoo dot com>
> >  1. Without _any_ modifications does CUPS work for you ?  If not
> >     then I think the cups development community needs to correct
> >     any problems or misconfiguration (ie. we need it working
> >     flawlessly for you from the get-go).
> its safe to say that 1.1.x works fine, but 1.2.x, that i got from
> CVS then hangs a lot.

OK, then stick to 1.1.x for now and tell the CUPS developers of
your problems with 1.2.x (since any patch you'll develop will be
applied to the 1.2.x source).

> >  2. Once #1 is solved, we need to tell the CUPS developers our
> >     plans and get any insight they might have on what we can/should
> >     do in terms of adding Arabic.  This would also be the time to
> >     ask them about how best to debug the code and the entire process.
> im begining to chicken out of this. (i mean the whole CUPS thing) :)

Don't say that :-)  If you are not interested that's one thing, but
don't fear it :-)  We also have 'u2ps's developer on the list and he
might be interested in helping as this topic relates to printing as
well :-)
> > > to post to the cups.development newsgroup:
> > > http://cups.org/newsgroups.php?gcups.development+Gcups+n
> > >
> > > or the mailing list that mirrors it:
> > > http://lists.easysw.com/mailman/listinfo/cups-dev
> > >
> > > this is called a Software Trouble Report
> > > http://cups.org/str.php
> >
> >Thanks - I'll await your thoughts and results on point-1 above
> >as well as comments on how best to do this.
> umm, dunno. but i guess we need to,
> 1. contact CUPS, and see if they'll fix it or not.

Yup, we need to let CUPS' developers know that we are looking to
add Arabic support as they might have ideas on how to do that
already.  Plus it would be ideal to get their buy-in on the idea.

> 2. if they're not gonna fix it, we step in.


> i'll see which method is best to communicate with'em, probably
> the cups-dev list. and i'll send u a letter for proof-reading, OK?

Sure, no problem at all !!

Salam and keep up the great work.

 - Nadim

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