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Re: New Quran Application Icon

Assalamu Alaikum,

I don't know why you didn't comment on this topic at all as I thought there would be at least a few mails. So please comment now as I want to know what you think about the icon I made and what you think of having a new icon for the Quran project at all.

I wrote on April 8th, 2004:
AL-HAMDU LI-LLAH, I finally finished the - I hope - new Quran icon.

I created a svg image coded all by hand with the help of ALLAH.

Yes, I tried several tools (sodipodi, karbon, adobe illustrator, sketsa), but I could not do it with them properly (especially the ornaments).

I created a zip file which you can get here: http://www.includeme.ma.cx/kuran/quran_icon.zip

It contains the the svg file (quran.svg), "yast_nis_client.png" (see note below) and two directories ("upright" and "leaning").
The two directories contain png files in different sizes (512, 256, 128, 64, 48, 32, 22, 16 - yes I know we don't really need the sizes above 128).
There are two versions of the 32, 22, 16 px files.
Files ending in "_1.png" are the same as the big images - except for that they are smaller - but the files ending "_2.png" contain images with no corner ornaments in case of one could not recognize anything on the normal ones.

I wanted to ask you which icons to use for a release and on the websites - the ones that are upright or leaning or should they be mixed (e.g 22,16 are upright and the others are leaning)?

Can please someone test whether the icons look the same when you use something else than Adobe's SVG browser plug-in? Maybe with GNOME (I think nautilus has SVG support) or "ksvgtopng" (or however it is called).

btw.: The SVG file contains the leaning image.
      You can make it the upright one with modifications at two
      places. If you want me to explain where mail me.

Please use subjects like "Pref: L ..,32_1 U 22_1,16_1" if you want to post your preference.

My preference is: L ..,32_1,22_1,16_1

The book shape was inspired by/imitated from a file named "yast_nis_client.png" of the KDE Crystal icon theme made by Everaldo. >

btw:    I'll be off until Monday. So please comment on the files, but
    do not expect to get replies quickly - maybe I can read some
    that I receive quickly after this mail, but all other will be
    answered on Tuesday ISA. So have a nice weekend!

Maybe you didn't answer because of this. So this mail tells you I'm back again ;).

	Riyad Preukschas