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Re: shaping arabic

--- On 8 Oct 2003, Chris Whiting <chris at riverslime dot com> wrote:
> Nadim,
> Here is a link to a comparison of arabjoin (left column), shape_lin
> (middle column), and what I am told that the line should look like
> (right column).
> http://www.riverslime.com/titlefactory/arabic_compare.htm
> To me arabjoin looks to be right on the mark.

Looks right to me.  In passing I believe you were _not_ running the
shape_arabic.pl script (and fribidi) correctly.  I have the feeling
you were running fribidi before the shaping script (it needs to be
the other way around).  I'm attaching a screenshot and the short
sample file used (note the command-lines used within the shot).

Once I get some free time (don't know when), I was hoping of
implementing the bidi algorithm (Unicode's TR-9 - also known as
UAX #9) in perl (just for kicks and to prove to myself that I
understand it fully - nothing you should wait for though).

Fribidi (already implemented) is the golden model to use.

> ----- Original Message ----- 
> From: "Nadim Shaikli" <shaikli at yahoo dot com>
> To: "Chris Whiting" <chris at riverslime dot com>
> Cc: <developer at arabeyes dot org>
> Sent: Tuesday, October 07, 2003 7:42 PM
> Subject: Re: shaping arabic
[snip snip]
> > > I also found a few characters reversed with your routine so this past
> > > weekend I combined the functionality of the two routines (shape_arabic
> > > and arabjoin) and created a third.  The routine also does the following:
> > >
> > > SOURCE:
> > > <Arabic1> <Latin1> <Arabic2> <Latin2> <Arabic3>
> > >
> > > RESULT:
> > > <3cibarA> <Latin2> <2cibarA> <Latin1> <1cibarA>
> >
> > I'm not a fan of arabjoin and I think it is your source of problems.
> > Dump it and use fribidi instead.
> As noted, arabjoin closer to what I have been told is correct.

As noted, I believe you had the order reversed with regards to shape_arabic.pl

> > > I am using BabelMap (freeware) to view the fonts online.  BTW I am using
> a
> > > Windows XP OS.
> >
> > Never heard of BabelMap - have a URL for it ?
> try google, it will find it for you very quickly

Ah, OK - found it


> I am not going to rewrite frbidi.

No need to - that's why the library is already there.

Sorry for the delay - if you want speedier remarks, subscribe and mail
Arabeyes' "developer" mailing-list.


 - Nadim

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