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Re: do we need an arabic english arabic dictionary ?

--- Mohammed Sameer <uniball gmx.net> wrote:
> I have this idea in my head for a long time. Do we need an arabic 
> english arabic dictionary for the average user ?
> A project like this'll need a dictionary database which - i think we 
> can't get - So i've used the full_wordlist* files.
> attached a simple perl script i've used and here is the command:
> for i in *; do perl /home/mohammed/projects/po2txt $i >> dict; done
> then i've imported the file into a MySQL database.
> now before doing anything i wonder:
> * Are those files suitable ?
> * Do we really need such a project ?
> * Is there anything more suitable than MySQL ?
> * Any farther comments ?
> I know that extending the words database is a must. but i'm thinking 
> about the simplist approach now!

I am not at all sure what you are asking or proposing.  Are the
'full_wordlist_*' files needed ?  You bet !!!  I am a very strong believer
in getting these files completed ASAP (I've had 3-4 external queries about
them as there are various online dictionary people looking to include Arabic
to their fold).  I will also be proposing we turn these 'full_wordlist_*'
files into their own full-fledged project due to their importance.

So to recap, I have no idea what you are asking :-)  But I do know and believe
that these files are very important and will serve our community greatly not
only in generic translations, but in also teaching people both languages.

PS: isn't this topic more fit for the 'doc' list ?


 - Nadim

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