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Re: quran license

On Saturday 19 July 2003 13:36, Mohammad DAMT wrote:
> Finally our lawyer friend Erwin Sundoro <sundoro at hotmail dot com>
> suggested an addendum to LGPL and disclaimer for libquran and data
> files. He said that Quran can't be licensed as nobody is holding it's
> copyright. And a license can't be published if there is no copyright.
> Even if the data files are translation of the original text, since a
> translation can be considered as a derivative work of the original text.
 Sadly, a few translators do copyright their translations.

> Any comments/suggestions are welcome, and please Cc to Mr Sundoro as he
> is not on the list. If nobody objects, I will put this addendum and
> disclaimer on the source code and the website.

 That's great but I suggest you add it in a temporary place in the repository
 for we may be able to get qurancomplex host these data files and thus
 there will be a need to make a slight modification to it.

 Thanks very much Erwin Sundoro, I really appreciate it :-)

Mohammed Yousif
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