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Re: katoob is marvelleous but ...

On Wednesday 02 July 2003 6:30 pm, Mohammed Sameer wrote:
> I've dragged a file from Nautilus and dropped it on katoob and it worked
> fine.
> What "others" are you talking about ? maybe i can have a look.
I am using Mandrake 9.1 In my KDE Desktop if I dragged a file (any file that's 
made by katoob or any other program) from anywhere (Desktop, 
any folder, from konqueror, whatever) I could't open it with katoob!!!

> > 16. Ctrl+P is a shortcut for Print and Preferences!!!
> What do you suggest for each ?
Ctrl+P for Print with P underlined so it can be accessed by alt-f-p. 
Preferences with the "e" underlined and no shortcut as in your loving, gedit.

18. Edit -> Preferences -> Interface -> Show the Main Toolbar (instead of 
toolbar ;). Also, Show the *E*xtended *T*oolbar, *S*tatusbar with capital 
letters. Correct this everywhere else for consistency and to let me sleep a 
little ;)

19. run this command
$ grep mispell ./*
in the src directory to see how many times this word mispell appear in the 
files, though hidden but you fix bugs very quickly that I want to get you 
busy doing something that may cause a break elsewhere so I could take a rest 

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