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Re: [PATCH] Re: Eureka! This is why Arabic support for lyx 1.3.2 doesn't work in my Mandrake 9.1

On Monday 30 June 2003 7:42 pm, Jean-Marc Lasgouttes wrote:
> The problem is that this package implements something which is not
> really latex, but a subset of latex. For example, I may want to write
> te\TeX (name of a famous distribution). I arabic context, this is
> forbidden, and I shall write "te \TeX". This means that one should add
> code in a lot of places to add spacing before _all_ macros. This is
> not possible because:
> - that's a lot of work
> - in the non-arabic context, it will give bad output.
> I think that this macro package is code that works 'by chance', when
> you actually know what you do. It is very very difficult to use this
> in LyX (I am sure that even if this particular problem was solved,
> another one would crop up).
Yeah! I understand the problem now. But can I argue that if we exclude some 
odd situations like te\TeX,..., it's considered good output to have 
formatting tags like center,... to be in a newline. Though, this won't solve 
the problem completely but will let LyX usable to Arab users to a tolerable 

> I think that someone (maybe the people at arabeye.org) should take a
> look at this problem. I am willing to accept ``reasonable'' solutions.
> JMarc

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