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python-bsddb3 on woody


I see that you are the maintainer of the Debian python-bsddb3 package.
I am just curious at to the possibility of this working for Python2.2.
Seeing that you can install python2.2 on woody, would it be possible
to get python-bsddb3 to work for python2.2? 

Let me explain myself ;)

Python2.1 has very little unicode support. You can only decode and there
are no encoding functions. This has changed in 2.2. I am working on an
Arabic spellchecker that is written in Python
(http://www.arabeyes.org/project.php?proj=duali). Duali also relies on

Just recently, I managed to coerce one of the members of our project
into creating debian packages for Duali. Problem now, python-bsddb3
installs for Python2.1 only ;) 

So.. what can we do here? Is it something you were planning to do?
Anything I can help with, or is it even possible (ie. acceptable).

Mohammed Elzubeir

P.S. Could you please Cc the 'developer' list so others are aware of
this exchange?